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10 vocabulários para entender o carnaval brasileiro em Inglês!

Updated: May 12

10 Vocabulary Words for Understanding the Brazilian Carnaval:

  1. Bloco: A street party organization with its own music, theme, and parade route.

  2. Bateria: The percussion section of a samba school, responsible for the energetic rhythm.

  3. Samba: The music and dance style central to Carnaval, characterized by rhythmic swaying and intricate footwork.

  4. Fantasia: Elaborate costume worn by participants, often reflecting the chosen bloco's theme or personal creativity.

  5. Passista: A skilled samba dancer who performs in parades or with blocos.

  6. Rainha de bateria: The "queen of the drum section," a prominent dancer representing the bloco or samba school.

  7. Salgueiro, Beija-Flor, Mangueira: Famous samba schools in Rio de Janeiro known for their elaborate floats and costumes.

  8. Sambódromo: The iconic venue in Rio de Janeiro where official samba school parades take place.

  9. Axé: A vibrant music genre with African influences, popular in Bahia's Carnaval celebrations.

  10. Folião: A person participating in the Carnaval festivities, enjoying the music, dancing, and overall celebration.

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