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Vídeo Kids

O verbo To BE

Forma afirmativa

I am (I'm)

he is (he's)

she is (she's)

it is (it's)

we are (we're)

you are (you're)

they are (they're)

Forma negativa

I am not (I'm not)

he is not (he isn't)

she is not (she isn't)

it is not (it isn't)

we are not (we're aren't)

you are not (you're aren't)

they are not (they're aren't)

Os verbos com S, ES e IES

he + verb = he verb+s/es/ies

she + verb = she verb+s/es/ies

it + verb = it verb+s/es/ies

he + dance = he dances

she + go = she goes

it + cry = it cries

Cores em Inglês.

blue = azul

yellow = amarelo

red = vermelho
green = verde
black = preto

I have blue hair

Image by Moises Alex
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